Meet the Doctor

I have treated thousands of patients since 1980 and have been blessed to see thousands of patients improve in their health status. I truly believe that our bodies have enormous healing powers from within when the appropriate natural treatment is prescribed and applied after first being fully understood and committed to by the patient. READ MORE >


"With the use of the cold laser treatments applied by Dr. Schmidt I have been able to breathe through my nose about 80% better! It is really a blessing!" Read More Testimonials >

What to Expect

What can I expect during my first visit? Although each of our doctor' s processes vary slightly, you can expect to complete a full medical history questionnaire and "new patient" paperwork. You will then consult with the doctor. This consultation is your opportunity to discuss your health concerns and past health history with the doctor. READ MORE >


Man with a Backache

Stay up to date with new information on chiropractic conditions as well as general health topics.

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Wellness Tips


Read our Wellness Tips blog for information on staying active, eating healthy and taking care of your body.

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