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5 Reasons to Get Your Spine Checked After a Whiplash Injury

Did you know that symptoms in your body following an auto accident can take hours, days or even weeks to appear?

Instead of letting injuries go undetected, we’ve got a better idea-visit us, your Woodbury chiropractor, to get yourself a comprehensive evaluation because the earlier an injury is diagnosed and treated the better the outcome will be.

Not only can we quickly address any injuries, we also have many years of experience communicating on our patient’s behalf with car insurance companies and/or lawyers if one is retained.

Here are a few more reasons you should consider visiting us if you were involved in an auto accident.

Our experienced team includes massage therapists who work with Dr. Schmidt to perform specialized clinical massage for injuries incurred in motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Schmidt holds a lifetime membership with a national organization called the Smart Injury Doctors, which weekly hosts ongoing post graduate coursework studying the latest research in the med-legal aspects of spinal trauma. This helps him to provide a more comprehensive testing of all the tissues most likely to be injured in a motor vehicle accident including specialized ligament testing perform with a digital x-rays and computerization. In fact, according to the Insurance Research Council, 85% of automobile injuries entail injuries to the ligaments which “hold” the skeletal system together.


A visit to the ER is meant to evaluate for life threatening or disabling injuries including broken bones. Sure, we definitely recommend visiting the emergency room after an auto accident to make sure any big trauma is addressed. But they likely won’t test for spinal ligament injuries and how these torn ligaments allow your neck or back vertebrae to become misaligned-we will.

Whiplash injuries can occur at just 5 MPH under the right circumstances. Even if you feel “ok” following a car accident, your spinal ligaments may have torn-then eventually with the stressors of even basic activities of daily living, this may result in unpleasant pain, stiffness or dysfunction in the body.

Spinal ligament injuries can often lead to disc problems. Disc problems are one of the top reasons people undergo surgery for back pain. Schmidt Chiropractic offers a natural, effective solution for helping you to restore abnormal spinal function before the need for surgery arises.

Dealing with a whiplash injury?

We’d love to speak with you and welcome you into our care.

Contact us today @ (651) 735-2400 to schedule your new patient appointment and start your health recovery.

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