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What is BEMER?

Read our BEMER Medical FAQ Sheet

What Does Good Circulation Look Like?

Check out this 3 min video that shows circulation before a BEMER session, 3, 6 and 22 min after an 8 min session. You won’t believe your eyes, and the difference!

Book A Session Today!

We are thrilled to offer BEMER sessions Mondays through Fridays at our practice. Appointments are on a walk-in basis. Notify the front desk that you would like a BEMER session.

Sessions are $15 each, or buy a bundle of 10 for $100; saving you $50.

Free BEMER health consultations are available at our practice on Mondays and Thursdays from 12:30-4:30 with Lynell Hage RN. Lynell has a wealth of experience in cardiac circulatory care; as she has worked in the cardiac intensive care over her storied carrier.

She is our in-house BEMER Expert who works full-time as an Independent BEMER Distributor (IBD) and is coordinating the BEMER program here at Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic. She will be so happy to educate you about what the BEMER is and what it can do for your health!

To schedule a consultation please contact Lynell Hage RN at 612-619-6612.

Who Should Book A Session?

Anyone who wants to feel better, have more energy, improve their sleep or get more out of their workouts. Healthy people at the top of their game can benefit from BEMER sessions, but people whose bodies are demonstrating signs of imbalance and dis-ease can also benefit from the enhanced circulation and resetting of the nervous system from flight-fight-freeze (defense) to parasympathetic (rest-digest-heal). This is the key to better health and better body function.

Join one of our regular evening BEMER education classes!

What is BEMER?

Have you heard about BEMER? This amazing German technology is revolutionizing the way we think about health and healing! And the best part–it is now available to check it out at Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic.

BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation.

BEMER is changing the way we think about our health, challenging our understanding of the human body, and empowering us to reach optimal physical condition in a non-invasive way. Blood flow plays a critical role in our general health.

BEMER can stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance and temporarily improve local circulation in healthy muscles — in just 8 minutes twice a day for maximum benefit. For more than 20 years, the benefits of BEMER have impacted millions of people around the world.

BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device that is non-invasive and easy to use.

Is BEMER/PEMF Therapy Safe?

In short, yes! For starters, electromagnetic energy is around us all the time—from the shows we stream on our phones, to listening to the radio and even in the human body (which emits heat, i.e. infrared waves). Check out this educational video from NASA that explains the electromagnetic spectrum.

PEMF devices are safe because the waves they produce are located toward the lowest end of the electromagnetic spectrum (between AM and FM radio), which means they are safe to pass through the human body.

How is it Applied?

The therapy is carried out using the whole-body application module B.BODY following a predetermined usage plan, which can improve the general circulation and the overall energy state if used daily on an ongoing basis. The twice-daily application of the BEMER following the outlined basic plan is the fundamental basis and cornerstone for systemic support to our circulation. For local applications, there are the additional modules B.SPOT, B.PAD, and B.SIT. For applications related to the skin, there is the “light application module” B.LIGHT, which can be used complementary to the B.BODY application module. The BEMER can be applied twice daily either in a professional setting or at home.

How Can You Experience This Life Changing Therapy?

See what can happen for you and your health. Call Lynell at 612-619-6612!

For more info about the BEMER and how you can make it part of your lifestyle choices click here to learn more.


Dr. Schmidt is an Independent Distributor (IBD) of the BEMER Group.

BEMER Woodbury, Oakdale, Cottage Grove MN | Lynell Hage RN at 612-619-6612.