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Spinal Injury Care

Your Woodbury Spinal “Soft Tissue” Center of Excellence

person getting out of car with neck painInjuries to the soft tissues of the spine are some of the most problematic injuries that a person can receive.

These injuries can be permanent, painful, and progressive if not diagnosed and treated properly, immediately after occurrence. Time can be critical to your outcome. Which is where Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic comes in.

Specific Diagnostic Imaging

The technical details: Our clinical diagnostic imaging algorithm for this type of injury is highly exact, highly objective, and highly accurate. We simply know exactly what these injuries look like in the human body, therefore we know which diagnostic imaging procedures (X-Ray, DMX, MRI, CT) will objectively show it.

There are over 220 specialized ligaments in the spine, but MRIs usually only report on 10% of them. Therefore, too many severe spinal ligament injuries go undiagnosed and unreported.

MRI is a phenomenal tool, but at Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic, we understand what it can and cannot show.

Our Job Is Simple

We must find every injury that the patient may have and diagnose it, rehab them fully if possible, and then document everything in such a way that allows the patient full access to any benefits they may be entitled to.

Documentation is One of Our Key Features

Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic understands that the environment among multiple insurers, adjusters, and patients’ representatives can become quite adversarial. Excellent, thorough documentation allows all parties to perform their duties, limiting the tendency to become argumentative, and allowing them to be more easily resolved. That level of documentation is what we specialize in. When we win, everybody wins.

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you the competitive advantages gained by working with us. Call us today to get started.

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