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Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic Reviews

What Our Woodbury Patients Say

At Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Former NFL Player, Now 100% Pain Free

Nick Hagemann playing footballI was suffering from lower back pain caused by years of physical activity and a past football injury that happened more than 10 years before. I just dealt with it over the years as the pain would come and go. With an active life style the problem finally caught up to me.

When I walked into Dr. Schmidt’s clinic my lower back was in a lot of pain. Even walking was painful. I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time trying chiropractic.

I played college football and even played in the NFL for a short period of time. The training staff at the college and professional level help treat the lower back pain to keep me on the field, but the symptoms always came back. The treatments were always based on short term relief.

What I like about Dr. Schmidt’s clinic was he treated the problem a little differently.

Dr. Schmidt first studied the cause of the problem before providing a treatment plan. I was able to see and understand the cause of the lower back pain. Then Dr. Schmidt proposed a plan which included maintenance to prevent problems from reoccurring. The clinic also gave training on things I can do at home to prevent future injuries.

Before the full treatment plan was complete I was back to living my normal lifestyle 100% pain free. The clinic’s treatment kept me away from surgery and using medications for pain relief. Dr. Schmidt’s clinic gave me the relief and knowledge to continue living my active lifestyle.

- Nick Hagemann, Woodbury, MN

“Miraculous and Life-Changing” Chiropractic

Watch 1985 Super Bowl Champion, Jim McMahon discuss his amazing results from chiropractic care. Jim is not our patient, but he has an acute appreciation of how chiropractic care can change lives.

I wish I would have started seeing Dr. Schmidt years ago!

Audrey headshotI was very skeptical of chiropractors before I began seeing Dr. Schmidt. You hear all the stories about how chiropractors are out to get your money and that there is no scientific evidence that chiropractic medicine permanently heals certain conditions. I was unsure about whether a chiropractor could improve my condition but I thought I would give it a chance.

Prior to seeing Dr. Schmidt I had ankle pain and back tightness that doctors were unable to treat. On my first visit to Dr. Schmidt, he took the time to give me an overview of his practice, methods and diagnostic test that he uses to come up with a treatment plans for his patients.

I was wowed by the information that he provided up front and the time that he spent to make sure I was well informed. Shortly thereafter I had my first adjustment, which surprisingly didn’t hurt! I continued to see Dr. Schmidt on a regular basis and I was able to feel the great results of his treatment. I now have little to no back and ankle pain and I honestly feel amazing.

There was not one aspect of my treatment that supported any of the negative notions about chiropractic medicine. I wish I would have started seeing Dr. Schmidt years ago! If you are hesitant about seeking chiropractic treatment, reach out to Dr. Schmidt and allow him to prove you wrong.

- Audrey T., Woodbury, MN

I highly recommend Dr. Tom to anyone in any level of pain and injury.

Matt with two ladiesAs someone who was afraid of chiropractors for most of my life, I find it humorous that I am writing this! I’ve been an athlete and highly active person as I’ve worked with young people my whole life.

The aches and pains have always just been normal. In my time working with Dr. Tom Schmidt I have seen those issues become manageable and many of them go away completely.

I’ve had ankle and foot injuries as well as whiplash from being rear-ended among other normal wear and tear. I appreciate how Dr. Tom uses actual data like x-rays and foot scans to evaluate what the real issues are instead of just quick “revolving door” adjustments.

I value his role in my ongoing health and functioning as well as highly value the friendship he and Julie have given me over the years. I highly recommend Dr. Tom to anyone in any level of pain and injury.

- Matt Swigart, Head Tennis Coach, University of Northwestern at St. Paul

Dr. Schmidt is a caring doctor who really listens.

Leila with tennis racquetI went to Dr. Schmidt on a referral from one of my dear friends, whose daughter has had great results with his clinic.

My leg and hip pains are about 40% better and I am very pleased with his care, as I am back on the pickle ball court! I’m playing again now, which is great because my pain had gotten so bad I couldn’t play anymore.

I have better energy, strength and a better mental outlook also since I started care with Dr. Schmidt. I have suffered for a couple of years with this hip pain, and it started to get worse and go down my right leg. The staff at Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic treated me well.

Dr. Schmidt is a caring doctor who really listens. I also like his traction roller table which stretches my back as well as he teaches a free class on a monthly basis where my husband and I learned how to do stretches for our home care.

- Leila, Woodbury, MN

My results have been excellent in every way!

Maureen with horseI came to Dr. Schmidt with very sore ankles and issues with balance or walking correctly.

I had been to my general practitioner medical doctor, another chiropractor, massage therapist and a physical therapist.

My results have been excellent in every way. Dr. Schmidt has been enlightening!!! He is very encouraging and has given me clinical care as well as home instructions on ways to continually improve.

I had been told by my medical doctor that “I am in a state of denial and that I should accept a guaranteed decline of my health.” My sore ankles are much improved; my neck and back stiffness is so much better as well as my right shoulder pain is gone. I didn’t go into his clinic for back, neck stiffness and shoulder pains but these are added benefits to my care with Dr. Schmidt.

My nerve pain in both legs is improved. My general strength has made huge improvements. My mental outlook as being able to walk again and ride my horses is a big deal to me. I feel that I am 80% better since starting with Dr. Schmidt.

If you have any unresolved issues of any kind, you need to see Dr. Schmidt. Even if you think that you feel fine you should schedule a new patient evaluation as you will learn a lot about your body.

- Maureen, Woodbury, MN

I am 100% better now!

Dale holding fishA good friend and coworker referred me to Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic after noticing I had been in a lot of pain and discomfort for quite a while.

Working in the construction trade for many years, operating jackhammers and other heavy equipment had started taking its toll on my back. Not to mention age had started creeping up on me as well.

I was in severe pain on my first visit to Dr. Tom. He explained to me in detail what was going on, and how he was going to treat my condition.

Long story short: with the adjustments and education Dr. Tom gave me on stretching and the way the body works and what needs to be done, I can say I am 100% better now than when I first met him.

Keep in mind this is not a quick fix and truly a learning journey. I highly recommend Dr. Schmidt and his staff. The first time you walk in the door you are treated as if you were part of their Family.

- Dale, Woodbury, MN

I am not limping anymore.

I was referred to Dr. Schmidt by my brother-in-law who had good results so I thought I would give him a try.

My severe knee pain is 70%. I purchased the arch supports to improve my spinal alignment and I love them as I can now walk up the stairs at work much better without pain. Friends have told me that I am not limping anymore.

I have had an MRI and physical therapy prior to coming in to see Dr. Schmidt. I feel his care is personalized and individualized as per my condition. Julie is always friendly and calls me by my first name.

This clinic has met my needs and I would recommend Dr. Schmidt for sure.

- Christine, Woodbury, MN

His methods are effective. His word is honest and straight-forward.

I found Dr. Schmidt on the internet because he has a high powered cold laser, which I have heard works well with knee degeneration which I have. Many doctors don’t have a healing laser thus my only complaint with Dr. Schmidt is that I drive approximately 80 miles round trip but my results have been far worth it.

I feel 90% better since I started with Dr. Schmidt. I have suffered for years with degenerative arthritic knees and back pain. He prescribed custom-made arch supports, his adjusting techniques are very effective as he measures my leg length constantly in every visit.

His methods are effective. His word is honest and straight-forward. I have had great pain relief after years of suffering and seeing many medical doctors, physical therapists and even other chiropractors.

Recently, I was able to walk 3 miles around Disney World with my family. My husband was amazed at my newfound ability to walk.

I highly recommend Dr. Schmidt as my experience is positive.

- Diane, New Richmond, Wisconsin

I have less pain and I am actually eager to go to work now.

Couple swimming with dolphinMy husband referred me to Dr. Schmidt and his friendly staff as years I have had health issues. I had went to a regular MD routinely without much success.

My results have been excellent at about 80% better. I have less pain and I am actually eager to go to work now.

The staff at Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic are wonderful and very helpful. Dr. Schmidt always educates me on any procedure before he does them which I really like.

I have learned a lot about how to care for myself at home from Dr. Schmidt and his staff. They are very professional.

I would recommend Dr. Schmidt as my experience has been positive.

- Amanda, Woodbury, MN

I recommend him for sure!

Dr Schmidt with babyI have had 5 years of suffering as I played very competitive soccer in high school 12 years ago. My issues were head and neck pain, shoulder pain entire back tight and sore, flat feet and bad knees. At times I found it hard to even stand for periods of time.

I have tried physical therapy for my knee pain but never got the results I was looking for.

I find Dr. Schmidt to be very personable and kind. He is very focused on the patient. My headaches have decreased and the pain and pressure in my back has gotten better.

I now bring our 3 month-old son to Dr. Schmidt for corrective adjustments.

His adjustment technique works for me so if others ask me about Dr. Schmidt’s care I recommend him for sure.

- Christine, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

I would classify my improvement as excellent!

Doctor lasering Alans kneeMy orthopedic surgeon said that I am a candidate to have knee replacement surgery due to my severe osteoarthritis and joint degeneration. My wife said that I should try Dr. Schmidt as she had heard good things about him.

My knee pain is 70% better! I would classify my improvement as excellent. I also have more energy and I can now bike ride and keep up with my teenage son on long bike rides.

I have suffered with major knee pain, neck and back pain for over 10 years. I did have 2 cartilage surgeries already on my knees so these results have been excellent.

Dr. Schmidt taught me how to stretch my legs and back at home using his 7 point stretch protocol which at first really hurt to do but now I am getting looser with less pain while stretching. His plans work.

- Alan S, Cottage Grove, MN

I absolutely would recommend them for those needing better health.

Dr. Schmidt is a teacher I feel like I understand what is happening each step of the way.

I suffered greatly with hip and severe low back pain prior to coming to see him. I could barely walk and couldn’t climb stairs.

My pain and range of motion in my low back is dramatically better and very much improved. Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic is a professional Christian-based clinic with a wonderful atmosphere. I absolutely would recommend them for those needing better health.

- Janice A, Woodbury, MN

I highly recommend visiting Dr. Schmidt and Julie

Anna playing volleyballWith the demands of high school athletics, most student athletes struggle to stay heathy and at their peak. I am no different.

Playing volleyball year round and basketball during the winter took a huge toll on my back my freshman year. I was having back spasm quite often.

I visited Dr. Schmidt and I haven’t had any issues since. I have also used the cold laser therapy on injured ankles and knees.

My recovery time seems to be 25% shorter than without the laser therapy.

My expectations are always met and I really enjoy coming in. Julie at the front desk is very nice and always makes every effort to get me in at times that work. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Schmidt and Julie.

- Anna S, Inver Grove Heights, MN

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