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Nutrition and Functional Medicine at
Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic

Man cutting up peppersScience-Based Nutrition Brings Results by Studying Your Blood!

At Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic, our Doctor will create a unique, science-based program tailored to your needs.

Our Difference

Unlike other practices, we test your blood to look for nutritional deficiencies. Our goal is to restore the balance of the different chemistries and enzymes in your body through practical food recipes and nutritional supplements.

Through your diet, we make sure your body gets the food it needs and eliminate the unnecessary ones.

We’re proud to offer our patients science-based nutritional testing—simply put, this is the absolute best way for those serious about understanding their health to get answers and start feeling better.

Nutrition and Functional Medicine for Balance

The nutrition program at our clinic focuses on restoring the natural balances of your blood chemistry. Once your blood is in balance, your body will have a better chance to heal itself. This balance may help you with:

  • Digestion problems
  • Hormonal issues
  • Weight loss

Click here to see a sample Functional Medicine Blood Analysis Report, and learn more about Functional Medicine testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blood testing covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, blood tests relating to nutritional information will likely not be covered by your insurance, but we strive to keep the test affordable for all. We can discuss the financial implications at your next visit with us. Blood tests relating to functional medicine may be covered by your insurance depending on your coverage.

Do I need to come in for a functional medicine visit?

Most of our functional medicine appointments are carried out through telemedicine, and you’ll only have to leave your house to get your bloodwork done. From there, your results will be sent to your telemedicine doctor as well as us. We can work together with your doctor to devise a plan that results in your best health.

Will you prescribe any medications for patients who are ‘low’ in certain areas?

We will not ‘prescribe’ traditional medicine, but may make recommendations for you in regards to which foods you should avoid, which foods you should eat more of, and go over any nutritional deficiencies found that may benefit from supplementation. We want to keep your health plan natural!

Where can supplements recommended be purchased?

Any supplements recommended for you may be purchased wherever you’d like—though we can certainly make recommendations. If you go through our website, you can receive a 15% discount—we can walk you through this when you come in for a visit.

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We’d love to see you in our practice soon and help you feel your best, naturally. Let us determine your body’s nutritional needs through our advanced methods. Call our Woodbury office for nutrition counseling and functional medicine!

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