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Spinal Ligament Injuries

Did you know that the most common diagnosis for back pain is the sprain/strain diagnosis? A sprain occurs when a ligament is torn, and a strain is the result of a torn muscle.

In the past, there has not been an effective means of grading and diagnosing the degree of a spinal ligament injury in Woodbury. After all, some sprains and strains are more serious than others.

Specialized Software Measures the Damage

Using x-rays taken in our clinic, we work with medical radiologists who utilize computer software that accelerates the process of what used to be done using the doctor’s hands: assessing the spine for ligament damage.

We measure the exact amount of damage to your ligaments, so there’s no gray area — we know exactly how to help you.

The Impact of Spinal Ligament Injury

Automobile collisions can result in significant damage to the spine. Chronic pain, debilitating arthritis and a diminished quality of life are some of the problems that can arise.

Working with board certified medical radiologists, we can accurately analyze spinal X-rays and determine if damage to the spinal ligament has occurred. If it has occurred, we know how to treat you.

Seek Assistance for Woodbury Whiplash ASAP

If you were recently involved in an automobile accident, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Dr. Thomas Schmidt is highly qualified to diagnose and treat injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions. He will work in tandem with a team of medical specialists to ensure you get the care you need to heal.

In addition, Dr. Schmidt teaches attorneys and insurance industry professionals about spinal ligament injuries as they represent a widespread problem that is generally misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Watch our spinal injury video series to learn more.

Reach out to us nowfor Woodbury Spinal Ligament Injury care.


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