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Feel Better Faster

Feel Better Faster & Prevent Future Health Problems

A time-tested method of measuring how healthy your body is on the inside, and to learn about your risk of future health problems, is by doing a Blood Lab Screening Test. This is reason blood testing is often one of the first tests done when you go to your healthcare provider with a health concern . . . it provides high quality information at a fairly low cost.

Our clinic now offers a Blood Lab Screening Test to all our patients to help identify imbalances or deficiencies in your body that are contributing to your current symptoms, or might be related to your risk of developing health problems later in life. It is simply one of the smartest things you can do to help yourself feel better faster, and prevent future health problems!

The benefits of doing your Blood Lab Screening Test through our clinic include:

  1. A more comprehensive screening test than you will often get from your medical provider. We test additional items that are not routinely checked by most doctors, and these additional tests can be critical to understanding your current health issues.
  2. A more critical interpretation of your lab results. Just because the lab results are in the “normal” range does NOT mean you are healthy. It takes special training to identify problems before they get bad enough to show outside the normal range on lab testing. With our help we can help you be more proactive by identifying problems before they get worse and cause you more severe symptoms and health problems.
  3. We can offer you more options for improving your health and preventing future health problems using a more natural approach – including diet and nutritional therapies.
  4. This type of blood lab testing is often covered by health insurance. This will depend of course on your individual health insurance coverage. If you do not have health insurance, or if you have poor coverage or a high deductible, we’ve made arrangements with a local lab to offer this blood testing at a significant discount when paying out of pocket. This type of testing is usually covered by flexible or medical spending accounts as well.

Whether you’re looking to feel better faster from current symptoms like fatigue or chronic pain, or you want to prevent future health problems for a better quality of life as you get older, the Blood Lab Screening Test available at our clinic will be an important part of you taking back control of your health. Combine this with our Heavy Metal Screening Test for the best results.

Ask the doctor or one of our clinic staff for more information!

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