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NFL Legend Experiences Life-changing Results with IGAT

Slurred speech, headaches, foggy thought process, pressure in the skull, forgetfulness, suicidal thoughts, mood swings. A few years ago, these symptoms, which are common with dementia, ruthlessly tackled former Chicago Bear quarterback and 1985 Super Bowl champion Jim McMahon. It was perhaps the biggest off-the-field battle of this NFL legend’s life.

The Diagnosis

According to McMahon’s physician Dr. Raymond Damadian, McMahon suffered from Cranio-Cervical Syndrome (CCS), which was causing him his pain. The issues McMahon struggled with originated because of injury to his neck. Dr. Damadian referred him to a chiropractor after he was unable to treat McMahon for his dementia symptoms.

Partners in Providing Care

Dr. Damadian, inventor of the FONAR Upright MRI, and New York chiropractor Dr. Scott Rosa partnered by using X-rays and the MRI to diagnose and create a treatment plan for McMahon.

A scan using the FONAR Upright MRI revealed that McMahon had a significant misalignment at the base of his skull. The misalignment impeded the flow of his spinal fluid. Brain function can also be affected if misalignment causes atypical stress pressure on the spinal cord and blood vessels. Dr. Rosa used his patented Image Guided Atlas Treatment (IGAT) to successfully treat and reverse McMahon’s dementia symptoms.

McMahon has called his chiropractic treatments “miraculous and life changing.”

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